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Curated Shows: New York Streetscapes - Robert Herman

Robert Herman New York Streetscapes 2008

The series of images presented in this show recount the years of New York streetscapes.

Capturing the spirit of the neighborhoods of New York, seemingly mundane, everyday moments become powerful, iconic images.

Soho reflected in a coffee shop window of an antique car mirrored in puddles, the streets of Williamsburg are transformed into a poignant, painterly photographs of beauty, texture, and solitude.

Born in Brooklyn, Robert is a consumate New York artist, having shown in galleries throughout the US. He has shown at The Museum of Modern Art and his work is in the collection of the esteemed George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. Robert is currently working on a book project '1981: A Year In New York.











                                                                                                                                                                             November 24, 2010
Dear Mr. Bernard,
I am extremely proud to represent Robert Herman and have exhibited his work several times over the past six years. His images are serene, soothing to both soul and eye, and have delighted visitors from Brooklyn and around the globe on many occasions. The photos exhibit a heady mix of superior craftsmanship, wonderful use of color and timelessness in choice of subject matter: He masterfully captures moments that would please Bresson himself. His timing is perhaps the wonderful by-product of having been raised in his father's movie theater, gazing at the cinematic frame. He brings a real New York attitude to his work, a simultaneous deference and compassion, which can only be achieved by one who has lived here. This I know!
His storefront shots immediately called to mind Eugene Atget’s photos, one of my favorite photographers, in their evocation of the human spirit and the incandescence of the historical moment, all in shades of grey. To see Robert's photos, is to be reminded how beautiful life and the world can be, which is why his work easily connects with the viewer despite his sophistication. His work is for everyone’s delight, beyond contemplation and reflection.
There is no doubt that his work will bring great honor to the Guggenheim. I consider his photos to be a major contribution to the art form and, even more, a statement on behalf of humanity. Most people measure success only by sales. I measure it by commitment to art, craftsmanship and contribution to society, contemporary and to come. That is what matters to me and I stand by Robert Herman for an eternity. Let the future be our judge. For those who give to the universe, the universe will remember.

Yours truly,
Andre’ Martínez Reed




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