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Curated Shows: The Spirit Hunter Part One


The Works of Andrẻ Martínez Reed

The Spirit Hunter in Two Parts 

Part One - The Paintings A Tribute to Gods, Spirits, Mortals and Ancestors

When: Nov 30 - Jan. 30 , 2007 111 Front Street - Brooklyn - NY 11201 DUMBO Suite 226

The Spirit Hunter In the exhibition, The Spirit Hunter in Two Parts, Andre Martinez brings together a collection of paintings and photographs that echo the spirit of our times.

Through a startling juxtaposition of colors and shapes, each painting emits a vibration of its own Martinez captures a pivotal moment in time in each painting with a diverse palette ranging from scarlet, muddied gray, translucent pastels, or blue and gold patinas.

The artist's work, including sculpture crafted from found objects, comments upon the human condition around the world, in the nation, and at home.

As onlookers, we join him in experiencing pivotal moments, whether it is the reflection of exploding bombs in the eyes of an astonished onlooker or the technological overload, paradoxically, so eloquently expressed in a painting like "Cellular Catastrophe."

Underpinning the show, however, is Martinez Reed's spirituality and vision of love, concern, and hope.

I speak with my ancestor spirits and flow With their sacred spirit I chant to my deities and travel emerald paths I listen to their whispers I see a mother and child sad and alone As a son finds his father fallen amid flowers and dust Hunters of the unknown in the face of the artist

As he faces his canvas revealing unmasked journeys I see man being trampled by ignorance and greed

My brushes of paint sit wet in my hands as vision unfolds I mold joy and sorrow, from the river of no light.

My soul is captive as I watch mans pain.  I journey through time and fly with the eagles Trying to fathom the mystery of the universe I hail the gods in string and drum and color and light.... And dream of a life in perfect harmony.  Call me Call me....Spirit Seeker...

At some point, creativity can speak as loudly as the soul, bursting with a feeling to express itself. Painting can bring forth what otherwise has no visual appellation.

These realms are always there, understood, let alone sensed by many, enacted by very few. "If You Understand Your Painting Before You Paint It Then Why Paint It At All." Dali



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