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Curated Shows: Fernand D'onofrio

Fernand D'onofrio

Brooklyn, NY On View: February 1 - March 31, 2007.

Henry Gregg Gallery takes pleasure in presenting the paintings of world-renowned painter, Fernand D'onofrio.

The upcoming show will consist of paintings created with mixed media.

The artist's work, while influenced by Asia's culture and history, is not bound by it.

For D'onofrio, travel serves as a necessary inspiration for his work.

After showing extensively throughout Europe, D'onofrio traveled to the United States to explore new territory, both literally and figuratively.

Through his largely abstract canvases, enlivened by vivid reds and juxtaposing shapes, he plumbs the depths of those “natural elements which constitute our world and supernatural manifestations.“

Interestingly, D'onofrio's painting even went beyond the reaches of Earth when a reproduction of one was blasted into space, bound for the space station Mir during the Franco-Russian mission, “Cassiopeia.”

Fernand D'onofrio has exhibited widely in both group exhibitions and salons in Europe and in solo exhibitions in France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and the United States.

He has been the recipient of numerous honors and prizes including First Prize at the International Center for Arts and Letters, Silver Medal in Bézier, and The Bronze Medal of the Paris Academy of Arts and Letters.

Many thanks to the overwhelming crowds that attended the opening to give our artiste a very warm welcome in Dumbo!









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