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Curated Shows: Five Lenses: Forgotten Shades of Gray


Five Lenses: Forgotten Shades of Gray
Andre Cypriano, Marcos Adandia, Dr. David Parker, Joshua Wolfe
Sept 14 - Nov 2

Henry Gregg Gallery is proud to announce Five Lenses....Forgotten Shades of Gray, where five photographers bring their powerful and heart rending work from across the globe.

Their stories become our stories as we resonate with the pain, suffering and brutality and devastation in the world today. And as a warrior child born in the slums of Rocinha, the largest “favela” in Brazil, is already a man, our hearts reach out to nature caressing an orphaned human and the eyes of hope looking up through a jagged concrete wall.

Through these images the inner and outer meet and the visible and invisible formulate a transforming story.

About the Artists A native of Brazil, Andre Cypriano has been a recipient of many awards including the World Image Award Competition, Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography, Caracas Think tank, as well as all Roads Photography Program in 2005.

Marcos Adandia began studying photography in 1988, and since 1993, has worked as a photojournalist for the news agency, Noticias Argentina’s. He has published work in several newspapers and magazines, including Rolling Stone, Elle, Tres Puntos, Journal do Brazil, Mother Jones and Luna Cornea, a Mexican photography publication.

Dr. David Parker is a practicing at the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health specializing in occupational medicine. Joshua Wolfe, a Brooklyn based photographer has won many awards nationally and internationally.

Pep Bonet is a photojournalist from Spain. He was awarded the Eugene Smith Grant in humanistic photography in 2005. The Scherpenzeel award, ‘Aids in Ethiopia’, The Netherlands. He was The American Photo Magazine’s, photographer of choice among many others. (See Full Hi-Res Photos At Our Gallery)















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